I’ve been dying to start a science blog for ages, so I thought that now I have found myself a cosy new flat and moved back to Manchester (but this time not as a student, scary huh?), it’s the perfect time to start.

Before I go into all things science-y, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Alina. I have just got myself a degree in Zoology and I absolutely loved every part of the process. Honestly, animals are so cool. I’ve always been more on the journalism side of things rather than lab work, and so I thought a blog would be a perfect way to exercise my love of writing whilst venting my thoughts and opinions about topics in Biology, Zoology and Bioethics.

I have a very exciting year ahead as I am starting my internship this week! So hopefully my new experiences will mean that I’ll have lots to tell you about.

Remember that I am relatively new to this style of blogging, so thank you for bearing with me!

See you soon,