This post is not about anything sciency, or even anything particularly interesting. This blogpost is about me, for me. I need to talk how difficult these past 10 days have been for me.
On Saturday 14th November, I broke my ankle.

clean break of the fibula

I’m the sort of person who is very active and I love to be kept busy. I go to the gym most days after I’ve walked home from a 8 hour day at work. You’ll never find me spending hours in front of the tele, wasting the day away. That’s just not something I do – mainly due to my high level of boredom. However, this is exactly what I’ve had to be doing the past few days. Wasting the day away.

Although now I am actually back at work after refusing profusely to let the doctor sign me off, it’s still a great struggle. I’m so dehydrated because going to the kitchen to get myself a drink is so difficult. And as hard as I’m trying to eat well, I’m piling on the pounds due to lack of movement and exercise compared to my usual regime. I even have to spend my lunch breaks just sat at my desk at work, because it takes me too long to get anywhere! I’ve had to cancel so many plans purely because of how exhausting the crutches are and useless I am at getting around.

Even after watching numerous ‘how to walk with crutches’ tutorial videos, I’m still just terrible! My hands are horribly blistered and sore. The only good thing I’m absolutely hoping for out of this whole experience, is to have mind blowing upper body strength.

I’ve had lots of lovely visitors and have often been kindly surrounded by friends and family. To be honest I am getting better, and slowly the life is returning to my voice, but I do still have my down moments. And this was one of them.

I know people break bones every day. People break them a lot worse than mine – and they deal with it! But I’m really struggling, and I just wanted to get it out.

I just hope I’m walking again for Christmas.